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Now There's A Google Glass Store

But it's only for accessories, and only available to Glass Explorers. But maybe this is where the public will be able to purchase the headsets when they eventually go on sale.

Now There's A Google Glass Store

[Image: Flickr user giuseppe.constantino]

Just ahead of the arrival of its first redesign, Google Glass has an online shop. Not that you will be able to buy the glasses there, however, merely the accessories that go with it. And to that end, the site is only accessible to early adopters of the headset, that rare sub-species of homo sapiens which has come to be known as Glass Explorers.

Some of the products on offer include a troika of earbuds, protective glass, and charger sets. The device will go on sale to the general public sometime next year, although it is unclear whether Google will maintain the set's existing $1,500 price tag.