Associated Press Introduces Robotic Copyeditors

Lingofy is an algorithm-based plug-in that transforms web pages into AP-style text.

Associated Press Introduces Robotic Copyeditors
[Image: Flickr user JLMaral]

The Associated Press Stylebook is the closest thing journalists have to a bible. Even though the New York Times and many other publications have their own in-house style guides (Fast Company among them), the AP’s style guide remains industry standard. Now, the venerable press organization is launching an algorithm-based browser plug-in that turns any entered text into AP house style.

Lingofy is a pay product that checks web pages against “spelling, language, punctuation, usage and journalistic style guidelines.” Once installed in a browser, users activate the plug-in while entering text into a content management system (CMS). The idea is to automatically find the most obvious style errors and correct them on the fly. Pricing is done on a per-organization basis, with licensing fees variable on how many people are using the app.

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