NSA Reportedly Broke Into Google And Yahoo Data Centers

New documents outline the NSA program, MUSCULAR, that is infiltrating Google and Yahoo data centers.

NSA Reportedly Broke Into Google And Yahoo Data Centers
Image via Flickr user erokism

New documents released from ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden expose an infiltration of both Google and Yahoo data centers. According to the documents, the NSA and its British counterpart, GCHQ, have a program called MUSCULAR that allows them to “copy entire data flows across fiber-optic cables,” which carry information between the data centers of the two companies.

Hundreds of millions of user accounts are being accessed by this program–the NSA keeps a lot of the info, but not all of it. The newly exposed program is odd, specifically since the PRISM project is already in place. PRISM grants front-door access to Yahoo and Google user accounts after a court-approved decision. MUSCULAR is for high-tech spying and is being used overseas, and now appears to be targeting U.S. companies as well. Snowden’s latest leak is another exposure in an already long laundry list of disconcerting NSA activities.

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