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Is Apple Maps Finally Getting Ready To Tackle Public Transit?

Two recent job listings out of Apple HQ suggest the answer is yes.

[Image: Flickr user rafael-castillo]

Some recent job postings over at Apple hint the company has big plans to finally, just maybe, bring public transit information to the infamous Apple Maps.

The lack of mass-transit directions has been one of the more vocalized complains about Apple's native Maps app, but in the job descriptions for a "Maps Public Transit Engineering Manager" and a "Maps C++ Software Engineer - Public Transit," spotted by Ars Technica, Apple teases: "You will work on one of the most anticipated features of Apple Maps."

Apple has acquired a number of smaller, public-transit appmakers like HopStop and Embark—perhaps they're all about to come together.

Let's just hope these directions don't lead us to another airport runway.

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