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Spotify Puts 30 Second Music Previews Into Tango's Messaging App

In a bid to gain exposure for its music streaming service, Spotify is embracing IM app Tango.

Spotify Puts 30 Second Music Previews Into Tango's Messaging App

[Image: Flickr user Johan Larsson]

Spotify is trying something new: To get more users to learn about its music streaming powers, and also to get a little more limelight for its stable of performers, it's teamed up with messaging app Tango. Tango users in 32 nations will be able to embed short snippets of Spotify tracks in their IMs even if they're not a Spotify user.

The deal partners Spotify's 20 million track archive with Tango's 160 million registered users, which means it's potentially quite an important maneuver for Spotify. Tango, to promote Spotify's music, has added a special section under a Music tab in the app, and clearly hopes to leverage Spotify to keep its users engaged with its messaging app instead of favoring one of its many rivals. Tango is also said to be getting a cut of any Spotify Premium sign-ups that are prompted via messages on its app.

The instant messaging game is getting pretty dramatic at the moment, with many companies desperately trying to attract users—including big names like BlackBerry and, perhaps, Twitter itself.