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The Dell Latitude Ultrabook Stinks. No, It Really Stinks

Dell responds to complaints that the computer emits an incredibly offensive odor reminiscent of... cat pee.

The Dell Latitude Ultrabook Stinks. No, It Really Stinks

[Image: Flickr user katz2110]

An issue with the manufacturing process of one of its laptops has given Dell a bit of a headache, but one which the firm says it has resolved. Owners of its Latitude 6430u Ultrabook have been complaining that their machines smelled of ... cat urine. One poster on the Dell support forum said the computer smelled "as if it had been assembled near a tomcat's litter box," while another wondered whether their own cat had been the dirty perpetrator. One of the complainants suggested that the smell was akin to decade-old running shoes, another described it as "humiliating"—in short, not the sort of thing a firm wants said about its products.

It took another user to point out that the smell could have been related to the polymer used in the Ultrabook's casing. According to Dell, the problem was not biological contamination (translation: no cats were used during the manufacture of the laptop) but it was "related to a manufacturing process." The following reply should be framed and hung above the desk of whichever Dell employee resolved the issue.