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Where Are They Now?

First iPad Air Reviews Hit The Web: Laptop Killer, iPad Modernizer And Comfortable

Add a physical keyboard to an iPad Air, and suddenly your laptop just became surplus to requirements.

First iPad Air Reviews Hit The Web: Laptop Killer, iPad Modernizer And Comfortable

[Image: Flickr user Ingrid Truemper]

Apple's new, light, object of desire is out this week and, cometh the sales queues, cometh the iPad Air reviews. The device, which weighs just one pound, gets the thumbs-up from pretty much everyone who has spent time with it—Walt Mossberg extols the virtue of its lighter weight, calling it "comfortable," as well as praising Apple's ability to shovel amazing amounts of speed and power into something so lissome. "It doesn't do everything a laptop does," writes Walt, "but for many common scenarios, it has replaced the laptop as its owners' go-to device."

Over to John Gruber at Daring Fireball (apologies for calling him Dave last month, by the way), who calls the iPad Air "a compelling alternative to a Mac or PC laptop.... The iPad Air makes an iPad 3/4 feel heavy; it makes an 11-inch MacBook Air feel like an anchor." He also claims that it's easier to type, using your thumbs as most touchscreen users to, on the new Air. Was he going to go Mini or Air? The Mini just shaded it for John—"but it's a damn close call."

In place of David Pogue, who is leaving the New York Times for Yahoo, the newspaper's tech editor, Damon Darlin flexed his critical muscles. The new version, weighing in at a pound is "a delight to use" and "won't hurt you the way the old iPad did" (Darlin apparently suffered a few bangs to the nose after he dropped off mid-film and the device fell on him).