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Adobe's Security Breach Was 10 Times More Serious Than Originally Thought

Hackers obtained the data of over 38 million customers from the software firm, as well as the part of the Photoshop source code.

[Image: Flickr user Eric__I_E]

The cyberhack that leaked the payment details of Adobe customers at the beginning of the month was more serious than originally thought, says the firm. In fact, it was over 10 times as serious, with the software manufacturer estimating that over 38 million people's data had been purloined, compared to the 3 million it originally claimed. And, to add insult to injury, the hackers also stole part of the source code belonging to Photoshop editing software.

The issue may lie in Adobe's encryption methods. Security expert Marcus Carey thinks the hackers could have gotten into the firm's system using several methods, including cracking the algorithm that the firm uses to scramble users' passwords, calling the haul a "treasure trove for future attacks."

Earlier this year, the firm lost its CTO, Kevin Lynch, to Apple.