• 10.30.13

Infographic: The Last Meals Of Departed Famous People, Served On a Platter

It’s amazing what you can learn about someone from the last thing they ever ate. For many of the deceased actors, musicians, and politicians in this infographic, their final meals were a study in character as well as calories.

Infographic: The Last Meals Of Departed Famous People, Served On a Platter

Ernest Hemingway was a master of surface simplicity. His prose was elegantly unadorned, seemingly pared down to its essence. In many ways, he was the ultimate meat-and-potatoes kind of guy–which is why it’s almost poetic that his last meal was literally meat and potatoes.


As part of its recent issue on the subject of death, The National Post published an infographic charting the last meals of famous people in several different fields. Created by designer and artist Sarah Lazarovic, “Last Meals” charts its eponymous subject matter on an x-axis of fanciness and a y-axis of caloric content. It’s a buffet of information you never knew you were interested in.

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Chief among the revelations here are so many meal choices reflecting the lifestyles that these individuals projected in their public personae. It makes perfect sense that the by all accounts health-obsessed Michael Jackson would have taken in a grilled chicken breast and salad just before passing away. Ditto, the fact that the chef most credited with popularizing French cuisine in America, Julia Child, would shed this mortal coil after feasting on French Onion soup. And for someone associated with the excess of Graceland, it’s no wonder that Elvis kicked the bucket after polishing off four scoops of ice cream and four cookies.

Search through the other uncanny final food selections in the graphic above.

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