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Forbes Just Made It Easier For Tipsters To Remain Anonymous

SafeSource is a Tor-based dropbox for anonymous story tips.

Forbes has launched a Tor-based dropbox where tipsters can send anonymous story leads. SafeSource is described by the media brand as an "online submissions system of the kind pioneered by WikiLeaks for securely, anonymously sharing files and tips with our journalists." Using Tor, a protocol that allows for anonymous web surfing (with the caveat that it must be used properly, within a confined set of behaviors, to remain anonymous), tipsters can forward sensitive information to reporters.

It isn't the first attempt by media brands to create secure online dropboxes using Tor—the New Yorker launched its proprietary earlier this year. By offering secure online dropboxes, the idea is that tipsters will feel more comfortable sending in sensitive information. But, with all that, there's still something to be said for All The President's Men-style meetings in dark parking garages.