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BlackBerry Has Been In Talks With Facebook About A Potential Bid

It's unclear if Facebook is interested in placing a bid.

BlackBerry Has Been In Talks With Facebook About A Potential Bid

[Image: Flickr user JJ Losier]

As BlackBerry continues to look for buyers, executives from the Waterloo-based company met with Facebook last week to gauge interest, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Facebook is the latest addition to a growing list of tech companies that have been in talks with BlackBerry, including Google, Cisco Systems, SAP, Lenovo, Intel, and LG. Though it remains unclear if the social network would place a bid, Facebook did enter the mobile phone space earlier this year by partnering with HTC for the HTC First. Dubbed the Facebook phone, it was considered a disaster soon after its launch, with AT&T halting sales of the device a month after its release.

Though BlackBerry accepted a $4.7 billion offer from Canadian insurance company Fairfax Financial, the ailing smartphone maker is reportedly also considering breaking up and selling the company in pieces, a move an analyst said could fetch a higher sum considering BlackBerry's valuable patent portfolio and enterprise business. BlackBerry has until Nov. 4 to seek additional offers, but would have to pay as much as $157 million to Fairfax to renege on the agreement. If it backs out of a done deal after Monday, the penalty could rise to $262 million.