This Twitter Account Shames Brands For Lazy, Awkward, And Awful Tweets

Brands can be very bad at social media. A perfect example: trying to capitalize on the marketing opportunity that is the anniversary of 9/11 (Note to marketers: not an opportunity). To call companies out on awful tweets, an anonymous Twitter account has emerged rounding up the worst offenders.

The bio of @urtweetsrbad says it all: “Your tweets. They are bad. @Walmart blocked us.” (That last bit hasn’t stopped the account for manually retweeting the retail giant.) Doing some digging, Digiday found out the person behind the account worked in marketing and advertising for five years.

“I wish I could say that it started as a one-person crusade to improve brand tweets, but the truth is that I was home sick from work and bored. I mostly started it to amuse myself,” @urtweetsrbad told the news site. The ultimate aim of this Twitter account is to inspire social media managers and agency creatives “to be just a little less lazy.”

Not just lazy, but hopefully a little less awkward. Some of the gems the account has spotted are cringeworthy to say the least.

Notice the errant comma? If you think the above Pepto-Bismol tweet was uncomfortable, the one following is–if you can believe it–even worse:

Meanwhile, Rite-Aid finds the best way to start the week is with a quote from the polarizing Ayn Rand.

Along the same lines, Dove decided it wanted to inspire something among its fans.

Wendy’s makes a reference to Gangnam Style-wannabe What Does the Fox Say, but it receives a hilarious response when a consumer calls out the fast-food chain.

Also, we’re pretty sure no one has ever considered a roll of paper towels BFF-worthy.

But maybe that might change if paper towel rolls can buy pizza.