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Aereo's Newest Hurdle: Paying Its Electricity Bills

Aereo has reportedly grown in NYC subscribers, but electricity is expensive in the Big Apple.

Aereo's Newest Hurdle: Paying Its Electricity Bills

[Image: Flickr user Schmilblick]

Disruptive TV streaming service Aereo, which has been the subject of heavy legal drama basically since its inception, is now facing another obstacle: How does it pay for the massive electricity bill it's racking up?

Aereo operates through tiny antennas that are assigned to each individual user. Each antenna uses roughly 5 to 6 watts of power. The Wall Street Journal recently visited Aereo's Brooklyn facility and, by "counting lit-up boxes," estimated the service has between 90,000 to 135,000 New York subscribers. Chief Executive Chet Kanojia said the company could support up to 350,000 New York subscribers. Powering that many antennas would require "nearly as much power as it would take to light up two NFL football stadiums," which could cost the company roughly $2 million in the Empire State.

Kanojia admitted that power is "one of the biggest challenges" Aereo is confronting, and says he plans to look into alternative power sources.