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Your Kids Shouldn't Be Consuming More Than 2 Hours Of Media Per Day

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Meanwhile, 38% of babies under two years old have used a mobile device.

[Image: Flickr user Intel Free Press]

The American Academy of Pediatrics has released a new policy statement advising parents to limit their kids' media exposure to two hours a day, and is discouraging them from giving babies aged two and younger any screen time at all. Concerned about potential harmful effects of media messages and images, the group also recommends parents monitor children's online habits and establish rules regarding Internet and media consumption.

The advisory serves as a stark contrast to Disney's tablet-first strategy, announced Tuesday. For the debut of Sheriff Callie's Wild West, the network will air the show first on tablets before making its way to the Disney Channel and Disney Junior—taking the meaning of digital native to a new level.

According to a recent report from Common Sense Media, three-quarters of children under eight have access to smartphones or tablets, and 38% of babies under two years old have used a mobile device, up from 10% two years ago.

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