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Incoming Deadly Asteroid? United Nations To The Rescue!

The UN has set up the International Asteroid Warning Group to detect and destroy dangerous asteroids.

[Image: NASA]

The United Nations plans to create an International Asteroid Warning Group to detect and destroy potentially dangerous asteroids.

The IAWG has two missions: Detect asteroids, and alert member nations if any could collide with Earth; launch a mission to deflect dangerous asteroids off their trajectory.

The IAWG has a genuinely important role to play in protecting life on Earth. NASA and other space administrations have been charting asteroids for decades, and we know there are millions that could be potential threats. The fact that there is now an international body, at the political level of the UN, means hopefully there will be more sharing of data and perhaps a concerted effort to perfect and deploy anti-asteroid systems—before one comes too close for comfort.

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