What “Game Of Thrones” Characters Would Look Like In A Very Familiar Kids Book

When Roger Hargreaves created the Mr. Men series in the early 1970s–and the ultimately more famous Little Miss series a decade later–his intentions were pure. Hargreaves wanted to teach children personality types and physical attributes in an easily digestible visual format. It’s doubtful, though, that he would’ve ever felt compelled to decipher for children the emotional complexities of Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons.

Ned Stark

Mr. Men and Little Miss Game of Thrones is a delightful Tumblr created by Paris-based designers Antoine and Antoine that renders Game of Thrones characters in the style of Hargreaves’ creations. The much-loathed King Joffrey Baratheon, for instance, is reduced to spherical, screaming Mr. Rageous, with the same fuchsia coloring as Little Miss Helpful.

Something about Game of Thrones seems to lend itself to such remixing experiments, as we’ve seen several of them in the recent past. The details are like right down to the the squiggles of the motion-lines. This particular example succeeds, however, by thoughtfully reducing each character down to a single personality trait or physical feature in the style of the book, and earning its nostalgia by paying close attention to details (the subtly squiggly motion-lines are just right.)

The creator promises to roll out a new character from HBO’s hit show each day. Considering the breadth of characters on the show–this could go on for a while. Look through the characters in the slides above, and let us know in the comments who else you want to see.

H/t to DesignTAXIJB