Apple’s Q3 2013 Earnings Call: Future OS X Versions Will Be Free

Margins will be squeezed by the move, but Apple says it has plans to squeeze them right back over the next few years.

Apple’s Q3 2013 Earnings Call: Future OS X Versions Will Be Free
[Image: Flickr user Monica Arellano-Ongepin]

Apple’s most recent quarterly results were released into the wild yesterday. In the three months up until the end of September, the firm shifted 33.8 million iPhones, 14.1 million iPads, and 4.6 million Macs, which contributed to $37.5 billion of revenue and $7.5 billion net profit. However, the firm also announced that it will lose one stream of revenue: software.

The news was confirmed by the firm’s CFO, Peter Oppenheimer, that all future versions of OS X will be free. This will affect the margins, but the firm said it aims to bring them back up again over the next few years.

But back to those 33.8 million iPhones. TechCrunch’s Dan Frommer drew a graph to show just how important the iPhone is to the firm–as it provides 52% of the firm’s revenue. And these results show just 10 days of sales of the latest models, the iPhone 5C and 5S, which managed to sell 9 million units between them on the first weekend.

Tim Cook also told investors Apple had acquired 15 firms, many of which serve to boost Apple Maps. While some of these purchases are public knowledge, others are not–will we see the fruits of the Cupertino checkbook in the much-rumored iWatch?

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