Glassdoor App Delivers Personalized Job Listings the Day They’re Posted

The app aims to aid people as they seek employment, prep for interviews, and negotiate offers.

Anticipating that half of its traffic will come from mobile in the next year, Glassdoor updated its iPhone app Wednesday to aid job hunters as they seek employment, prep for interviews, and negotiate offers.


The Sausalito, Calif.-based company says 37% of its traffic originates from mobile devices, and that’s growing steadily at 1% to 2% each month. “What we’re seeing is job seekers from mobile phones are heavily engaged throughout the day,” talent solutions general manager Steve Roop told Fast Company, noting that job search activity is highest at the beginning of the workweek. Part of this is a reflection of shifting habits; part of it has to do with the fact that many people use work-issued computers, a sentiment LinkedIn mentioned last week when it launched three mobile apps.

Still, despite this trend, Roop says most job sites only replicate the desktop experience for mobile devices, which in turn surfaces the same postings over and over again. “What [job seekers] want is an app that’s a lot more intelligent–that they set up once and pushes new jobs that meet their criteria so they’re not wasting time scanning jobs they’re already looking at,” he said.

“Our whole mission is to help people find jobs that they love. Our focus has been to dramatically improve the job search experience and give job seekers everything they need to apply,” Roop added. A new feature of the refreshed iOS 7-friendly app, Job Feed customizes listings based on location and title, surfacing new postings by highlighting them in reverse chronological order. Users can also turn on push notifications to alert them to new jobs the day they’re posted. According to a recent survey from the company, 61% of job seekers believe they have a better chance of landing a job if they apply earlier than later.

The app also features company reviews, related salary information, and sample interview questions to help job hunters research potential employers. With applicant-tracking systems integrated into Glassdoor, such as Jobvite, Taleo, and iCIMS, the company is looking to bring the entire job-hunting process to mobile, though the timetable for this will depend on the applicant-tracking systems themselves.

“If you’re a job seeker and you click on a job and there are six pages and 37 questions on your mobile phone, you’re probably going to give up,” Roop said. “But if you come onto a good site and it’s designed for mobile and you can get through it in a couple minutes, you’re likely to fill out that application and stay in the process.”

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