What To Expect From Apple’s Earnings Call Today

At 5 p.m. EST, Apple has its next quarterly finances call. It’s going to be a big one.

What To Expect From Apple’s Earnings Call Today
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This last fiscal quarter is an important one for Apple, largely because it will include the first revenue and profit impact from its two new flagship iPhones–the 5S and cheaper 5C.

Though Apple’s much more than a one-trick pony, and it has plenty of other devices and markets streaming money into its coffers (namely the iPad), the iPhone is still a critical component of the company’s revenue mix. So finance folks the world around will be watching like hawks for data on the sales, trying to gauge how well the new handsets are selling. This is doubly important right now because the smartphone market has grown rapidly and is nearing maturity, so one might expect Apple’s iPhone effect to tail off, as it’s no longer a standout innovation all of its own. On the other hand, recent stats have shown a dramatic resurgence of the iPhone in the U.S., and suggest it may even be stealing market share from Android. And Apple itself had to issue an unusual correction to its own financial forecasts because it noted it was itself expecting higher than predicted profits.

Pundits, analysts, and Apple critics will be reading into today’s results, trying to determine if Apple’s still an innovator or not.

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