Further Ways In Which Working At An Ad Agency Is Like Being In a “Human Centipede”

Anyone who’s ever had to cancel longstanding plans to work on a last-minute pitch can tell you ad agency life can be stressful, but evil geniuses Whit Hiler and Jason Kaufmann–working under the pseudonym Dr. Gregory Heither–deconstruct the industry with a metaphor that makes its worker bees seem like bottom-feeders.

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In the follow-up to last year’s viral infograph, “Ad Agency Human Centipede,” the pair have expanded on the concept to explain new ways in which the workflow at an ad agency is kind of like being sewn together and forced to poop in each other’s mouths. Presenting “Ad Agency Human Centipede Infograph Part Two.”

What goes into, say, a six-second Vine video, you ask? The process starts with a brief, which is ingested by the Account Planner who digests it, then passes it on to the Chief Creative Officer, who shifts it to the Art Director, on to the Producer, the Senior Copywriter, and the Videographer. From there, the original brief that began with the Account Planner goes on to the Chief Virality Officer, the Junior Content Strategist, and to the Visual Effects, Sound, and Effects, departments, before settling with the Inventionalist and, finally, the Mobile Evangelist (who doesn’t get to poop in anybody’s mouth) brings it out and into the world.

The whole infographic is hilarious, disturbing, really incredibly gross (it should go without saying), and probably hits a little too close to home for people in the ad business. Let us know if it matches your experience, in the comments below.DS