#Thinspiration And #Underboob Are Now Approved Instagram Hashtags

Let’s welcome #DuckDynastyBitch and #Nakedtimes back to the list of approved Instagram hashtags. Also now getting a pass? #Thinspiration.

#Thinspiration And #Underboob Are Now Approved Instagram Hashtags
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Rejoice, soft porn- and profanity-loving Instagram users: You now have more hashtags to use to find and label content, thanks to the powers that be at Instagram, who have unbanned several previously banned hashtags.

Some quick background: Since Instagram’s list of banned hashtags was originally published in August, Instagram has unbanned a large number of them, including #bitchesofig, #fuckfuelprices, #getnakedpls, and #underboob. A larger list still remains banned, mostly related to hardcore sex, racism, and explicit mentions of eating disorders.

Instagram also appears to be easing its policy on hashtags related to self-harm and eating disorders. Drewes writes “while hashtags like #thinspo and #thinspiration were previously unsearchable, Instagram now returns a full set of search results, along with a content advisory warning and a link to the National Eating Disorders Association.”

An Instagram spokesperson added that “We want Instagram to be a safe and fun place for people to capture and share moments. That means finding a good balance between allowing people to express themselves and providing protections to prevent certain content that would be against our terms. This is an evolving and ongoing process for us and we encourage people who come across content that makes them uncomfortable to report it to us using the built-in reporting tools next to every photo and video on Instagram.”

This article has been updated with a statement from Instagram.

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