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A Screen Cover That Turns Your IPhone Into A 3-D Display

A Singapore tech firm has created a screen protector for iPhones that also adds the ability to show 3-D movies to its decidedly 2-D display.

Apple's iPhone screen is impressive in many ways, but one thing it can't do out of the box is 3-D imagery. That's something new Singapore firm Nanoveu has solved with its EyeFly stick on screen protector.

Like many transparent films currently on sale, the EyeFly is a see-through piece of plastic that can protect your phone from scratches. But the EyeFly is printed with half a million nano-scale structures that actually refract the light coming from the screen in different directions. When you play a 3-D movie through Nanoveu's app, the pixel data for your left eye is refracted from part of the screen, and the pixels for your right eye view come from another part. This means you can see an optical illusory 3-D image as if you were at the cinema or in front of an expensive 3-D HDTV set...but you don't need special glasses.

At $25, the film isn't particularly cheap. But for 3-D and protection, that may be worth it. On the other hand—this isn't going to turn your iPhone into a mini Oculus Rift headset for 3-D gaming, nor is it going to work for non-3-D films. And since the general public is cooling on the idea of 3-D at home, then maybe the Nanoveu has a limited target audience.