7 Inspiring Videos Of Saudi Arabian Women Defying The Country’s Ban On Female Drivers

On Saturday, Saudi Arabian women took to the streets behind a steering wheel in protest of the country’s longstanding female driving ban. After the organizers started tweeting videos of women driving through handle @Oct26driving, the campaign website was hacked and remains broken today.

But that doesn’t mean attention to the cause has withered. Over the weekend, Arab-American comedian and a cappella singer Hisham Fageeh posted a cover of Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry” in support of the movement, swapping out lyrics like “Oba, observing the hypocrites” to “Ova-ovaries all safe and well.” Fageeh’s song, which went viral, unfortunately lampooned a real statement recently made by a Saudi cleric who told his followers that the geography of a woman’s ovaries makes driving unhealthy. (This phenomenon also explains family size in Western countries, he added.)

Saudi women, however, continue to prove that they can both drive and have a reproductive system that differs from a man’s. Below are just a handful of examples of Saudis driving while female that have surfaced online in recent days–and one from two years ago, for which the driver, activist Manal al-Sharif, was arrested.

This woman chose Bon Jovi as her driving soundtrack.

This Saudi woman went straight to the drive-through.

This son participated in the campaign by teaching his mom how to drive.

Here, a little kid is getting a kick out of his mom behind the wheel.

This woman’s passenger took some nice footage of Riyadh.

Check it out! Women can drive at night, too.

And listen to Manal al-Sharif explain (while driving) why the driving ban limits Saudi women’s freedom and autonomy.