What’s The Next Snuggie Or ShamWow? This New Crowdfunding Platform Lets You Decide

You might know As Seen On TV for its campy infomercials advertising blockbuster products like the Snuggie, ShamWow, or OxiClean. But because the company receives thousands of new product pitches each year, it’s built its own crowdfunding platform for shoppers to directly fund As Seen On TV’s next great hit.

The Kickstarter-like platform is launching with only three products to start: The Taco Susan, a lazy Susan-style tabletop holder for various taco fillings; the Zinger Grill, a portable, collapsible grill and fire pit; and the Bone Mat, a holder for dog bones and chew toys.

Unlike Kickstarter, where anyone can set up a campaign for any project, the products you can back through ASTV’s crowdfunding platform have been handpicked based on their fit with the ASTV brand. In addition to claiming the ASTV seal of approval, CEO Ron Pruett says inventors can potentially shave months off the time it can take to get to market.

“There have traditionally been few options for the inventors. If you’re an individual working out of your garage, how would you begin to know where to go?” he says. “That’s where we see an opportunity here.”CC