Watch Twitter’s Video Pitch To Investors

The introduction of Twitter’s IPO roadshow video shows the social network’s role in historic moments.

Watch Twitter’s Video Pitch To Investors
[Image: Flickr user Garrett Heath]

Getting ready to pitch itself to investors next week, Twitter posted a video of its IPO roadshow presentation online Friday.

Though the entire video is 37 minutes long, after the first two and a half minutes, it primarily features CEO Dick Costolo against a plain backdrop talking about Twitter’s business: 230 million monthly users, 94 of top AdAge 100 advertisers paying for spots, its TV partnerships, and more:

By far, the introduction (above) has the most production value, showing Twitter’s role in recent historic moments: the revolution in Egypt, Obama’s re-election, Curiosity landing on Mars, the royal baby, the Boston bombing, and more.

“It’s such a simple tool, yet people have done so many amazing things with it,” cofounder Biz Stone says in the video. Costolo echoes a similar sentiment: “There’s an incredibly leveling of the playing field that gives every voice the ability to echo around the world instantly. And that democratization of content creation and sharing facilitates these connections that we see everyday around the world that we would’ve never seen before. The possibility and opportunities afforded by the platform are limitless.”

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