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New Xbox One Commercial Highlights Gaming And TV-Watching Experiences

The Xbox One wants you to want it for playing games, watching TV, Skyping your friends, and more.

New Xbox One Commercial Highlights Gaming And TV-Watching Experiences

We’re now less than a month from the launch of the next-generation gaming consoles. As both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 look to differentiate themselves from one another (and from the still-pretty-good current-gen devices), the Xbox campaign is now in full gear–and they’re taking aim at the interactive elements of the console, which extend beyond games.

But the games are a big part of the campaign, too, which is a switch from the first spots from Microsoft. Those highlighted what a swell experience watching football is on an Xbox One-equipped television. In the new 90-second spot from agency CPB and director Bryan Buckley, it’s the combination of games, TV-watching, and app-connectivity that gets top billing. You can use your Xbox One for gaming, the awesome-looking mech that crashes into an office building at the start of the ad suggests; you can use it to both watch sports and play sports games; you can navigate with nifty voice controls and touch-free hand gestures to watch Star Trek: Into Darkness; you can issue voice-commands so you can Skype with your homie about something awesome that just happened in a soccer game (which’ll presumably be swapped for something more American when the ad hits U.S. shores during Sunday Night Football this week).

It’ll remain to be seen if the option of Skyping from your TV, or controlling your console with your voice and with touchless gestures that may well be buggy for the first few months that the product is on the shelves are the things that people really want from their gaming console–so it’s smart of Microsoft to highlight that the experience of battling zombies and leading an army of Centurions is a big part of what they’re selling, too.

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