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Amazon Now Has More Employees Than Microsoft

Amazon has finally crossed the six-figure employee mark.

Amazon Now Has More Employees Than Microsoft

[Image: Flickr user thisisbossi]

Here's an interesting bit of information tucked away in Amazon's recently released earnings report for the third quarter of 2013: The company now employs 109,800 people around the world, up from 97,000 employees in the last quarter. Think about that for a minute: In just three months, Amazon added almost 13,000 employees to its ranks, a feat for any company, let alone one that operates on razor-thin profit margins (or loses money outright).

In doing so, Amazon has finally crossed the six-figure employee mark—and has passed Microsoft, the other big Seattle-based employer, which employs 100,518 people worldwide.

Amazon's rapid growth is not unexpected. The company hopes to own the same-day delivery space with initiatives like AmazonFresh, a grocery delivery service currently available in Seattle but that's expected to expand soon to 20 more urban markets—even outside the U.S.

If you're a young job seeker wondering how you can ride this Amazonian wave, we have a handy-dandy guide for getting hired by Amazon. Of course, if you get offered a job at one of its subterranean fulfillment centers, you might want to think long and hard before you get your soul sucked right out.

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