Tesla Grabs An Ex-Apple VP To Develop Next-Gen Cars

Car maker Tesla has looked to Apple for an engineer to take its electric car designs into the future.

Tesla Grabs An Ex-Apple VP To Develop Next-Gen Cars
[Image: Flickr user randychiu]

Doug Field used to be VP of Mac Hardware Engineering at Apple–a pretty critical role since the Mac is one of Apple’s biggest icons, and its hardware has been leading the PC design field recently. Now Field has been recruited for an altogether different kind of hardware development job: He’s now VP of Vehicle Programs at Tesla.

In its post announcing the news, Tesla makes a point of mentioning Field helped develop the latest MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro, and the iMac–all devices that have helped define Apple as a leader in the PC game. Field was originally an engineer at Ford Motor Company, but reportedly left because he wanted more fast-paced, high-tech challenges.

Tesla is the best known U.S. example of modern generation electric car makers, and it’s seen as leading the way for other automakers to follow–even if it occasionally slips up with some white lie PR moves and high profile accidents.

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