The Super Mario Of Resumes Unlocks A New High Score In Job Seeking

Robby Leonardi has created a resume that knocks all other resumes into a red plumber’s cap.

Web designer Robby Leonardi‘s resume is unlike any other we’ve seen. It’s a side-scrolling Super Mario-esque video game adventure that sees our hero–one R. Leonardi–run and jump through various levels until the climax: his contact details. Go ahead and play it yourself.


How does it compare to other creative offerings, such as the Parisian who marketed himself as an Amazon product? Or how about our own Natalia Rodriguez, whose infographic landed her an internship at Fast Company?

If you need more guidance on how to get your resume noticed–and how not to–then have a look at these 5 common mistakes that will ensure your resume gets tossed.

Leonardi already has a job, by the way. And as everyone knows, that’s the best time to start looking.

[H/T: TheNextWeb]

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