Map Your Favorite Scary Movies with “The Geography of Horror”

See pockets of fear in this map of horror movie locations.

Where’s the scariest place on the planet? It could be the Han River in Seoul, where The Host snagged unsuspecting river goers. Or maybe it’s boring old Georgia, where a man executed by electric chair came back as a zombie to punish his killers. (Incidentally, that 1936 film was called The Walking Dead.) But as Nicole Kidman discovers in The Others, the U.K. also has its share of hauntings. This Halloween, decide for yourself which locale is the creepiest.


The Geography of Horror, an interactive map by Esri Story Maps,
has categorized 200 scary movies by their settings and release dates. The information was gathered from both Wikipedia and IMDb and includes posters, website links, plot synopses and directors: basically everything you need to scare the bejeezus out of your grandma in Colorado (The Shining) or your brother in the Czech Republic (Greedy Guts). You can run from the horror but you can’t hide. Not even in friendly, innocuous Canada.

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