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Yes, People (Especially Millennials) Are Sharing More Photos And Videos

Snapchat and Instagram reach 9% and 18% of cell-phone owners, respectively.

Yes, People (Especially Millennials) Are Sharing More Photos And Videos

[Image: Flickr user BeanedSprout]

If you hadn't noticed already, a report from the Pew Internet Project released Monday will make it loud and clear: People are shooting and sharing more photos and videos than ever before. This trend bodes well for image-sharing apps, such as Snapchat and Instagram, which respectively have 9% and 18% marketshare among cell-phone owners, the report found.

With 58% of American adults owning a smartphone, the Internet has an influx of content creators and curators. Of 1,000 adults surveyed, 54% of Internet users said they post photos or videos they created, up from 46% last year. Meanwhile, 47% are curating and reposting photos and videos found online, an increase from 41% in 2012.

Altogether, image creators and curators make up 62% of Internet users, a rise from 56% last year. It's young adults who are the most fervent multimedia sharers, with 26% of cell-phone owners ages 18 to 29 using Snapchat and 43% using Instagram. Overall, 81% of millennials have uploaded photos and videos, while 68% have reposted others' images online.