This Startup Wants To Make GIFs You Can Hold In Your Hands

Animated GIFs are one of the great joys of the modern web, and you could soon hold one in the palm of your hand, thanks to Gifpop, a Kickstarter project for printing custom cards from animated GIF frames.

Rachel Binx and Sha Hwang, the two digital designers behind Gifpop, will work with a manufacturer to print GIFs using a decades-old production method called lenticular printing to splice together about 10 frames from your animated GIF of choice onto a single sheet. (You’re familiar with lenticular printing if you’ve ever seen an image that appears to animate when you view it from different angles.)

Gifpop prints are certainly novelty items, but Binx and Hwang are doing this for more than the lulz. Kickstarter backers at the highest-reward tiers will receive prints from three GIF artists Gifpop is working with to promote the animated GIF medium as high art.

Per Binx and Hwang:

We see these artists as pioneers, and we are not interested in treating digital art as a second class citizen the way it often is in the art world.

Whether for the novelty or the art, Binx and Hwang seem to have won over the Kickstarter crowd: At press time, they had raised nearly $14,000 since setting a modest $5,000 fundraising goal yesterday.CC