Apple’s Ex-CEO Is Said To Be Interested In BlackBerry

John Sculley is the latest big name apparently interested in BlackBerry.

Apple’s Ex-CEO Is Said To Be Interested In BlackBerry
[Image: Flickr user Dave Winer]

A hot rumor suggests that John Sculley is considering a bid for the ailing smartphone maker BlackBerry. Sculley, an entrepreneur and ex-CEO of Pepsi Co., is perhaps most famous for being CEO of Apple and at least partly responsible for booting founder Steve Jobs out of his own company.

Sculley is not alone in his interest in BlackBerry–the company had signed an agreement with Fairfax Financial for a buyout priced at $4.7 billion, but other big names like Google and Intel have since expressed interest. The company is keen to sell itself as soon as possible and has been cutting costs wherever it can, including letting thousands of staff go, to make itself more attractive to buyers. The company has seen a seemingly runaway success of its overdue iOS and Android BBM messaging app, but this is unlikely to lead to enough income to turn the company around.

Sculley’s net worth is said to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars range, so it’s unclear on what basis he’s approaching BlackBerry. Sculley’s history with Apple is complex, having been hired by Steve Jobs then maneuvering Jobs out of the company and then leading Apple to some of its lowest points in its history. Whether this is good news for BlackBerry or not is an open question.

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