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Pinterest Gets A Quarter Of A Billion In Funding, Now Valued At $3.8 Billion

The latest cash injection comes just nine months after the social website got $200 million, and should help with overseas expansion.

[Image: Flickr user Wonderlane]

Pinterest has just snagged $225 million in funds from its backers, meaning the site is now valued at $3.8 billion. The site's attention to detail (including breathtakingly beautiful offices) and attention to its pinners' habits show Pinterest knows what it's doing.

As well as rolling out promoted pins, the firm has just started hiring managers for its overseas territories: France and England now have their own offices, and there are said to be up to a dozen new countries waiting to be conquered by the end of the year. Telco giant Telefonica is installing a Pinterest widget on some of its Android phones in Latin America and Europe.

The firm's CEO and cofounder Ben Silbermann made this statement: "We hope to be a service that everyone uses to inspire their future, whether that’s dinner tomorrow night, a vacation next summer, or a dream house someday. This new investment enables us to pursue that goal even more aggressively."

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