See More Fake Beers From Movies and TV Shows Than You Could Possibly Drink

Several pop culture creations have gone on to inspire beers in their likeness, but way more have had inspired choices of fake brews hidden in plain sight during the movies and shows themselves.

An easy way to avoid product placement is inventing your own brands and putting them in characters’ hands. The generic-looking brew your hero is sipping will either go unnoticed by viewers who groan at cross-platform shilling–or provide an extra joke. A new chart gathers 71 fictional brews together so you can see which ones merit more attention than others.

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Created by Pop Chart Labs, Fantastical Fictive Beers displays suds from an international range of movies and shows. Some are regional-based, like Family Guy’s Pawucket Patriot Ale, to help ground the show in a world. Others are plot-based, like Lost’s Dharma Initiative Beer. Some are silly, like Laughing Clown Ale from Talladega Nights. Others just sound cool, like From Dusk Til Dawn’s Cerveza Chango. And a ton are from fake commercials on Saturday Night Live.

Weirdly, though, fake brands tend to be just as distracting as product placement, so there’s no clear way to let your characters be consumers without annoying subsets of the audience. Let us know which method you prefer in the comments, and drink in all the fake brews in the slides above.

H/t to Geekologie