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The BBC Will Run Video Clips In Paid Tweets

Twitter is making another subtle move into the TV game with #BBCTrending news videos.

The BBC Will Run Video Clips In Paid Tweets

[Image: Flickr user Steve Bowbrick]

Twitter has a new partnership with the BBC's Global News wing, and it will see newsy "in-tweet" video clips hitting Twitter's stream. Each video will follow a brief ad, and the revenues from the ads will be split between Twitter and the BBC.

The BBC, drawing on its World Service radio and World News divisions, will create the videos, which will be labeled with the hashtag #BBCTrending. They'll debut later this year, and would seem to be guaranteed to boost the impression that Twitter is a great news source all on its own.

The tweets are part of the Twitter Amplify partnership service, and the deal is said to be the first one that Amplify has made with a global news organization. The deal is also consistent with Twitter's long-term goal to ally with the TV industry to expand both its usefulness and its revenues. As it approaches IPO, moves like this one are going to be an important part of the story Twitter tells investors.