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The Drinkable Meal Of The Future Just Got A Huge Funding Boost

Soylent, the powder-based food substitute maker, raises $1.5 million from Andreessen Horowitz and Alexis Ohanian ahead of its launch in early 2014.

The Drinkable Meal Of The Future Just Got A Huge Funding Boost

[Image: Soylent]

If you're interested in what your diet of the future could look like, you need to know about Soylent. When mixed with water, this powder-based food substitute becomes a drinkable meal that contains all the essential ingredients required for a human body to stay healthy. Soylent's creator, Y Combinator alum Rob Rhinehart, concocted the substitute because of a desire to maximize his time (Soylent doesn't require shopping, chopping, cooking, or cleaning), eat well for cheap, and address inefficiencies in the industrial food production system.

Rhinehart and his small team have just raised a seed round of $1.5 million from investors like Andreessen Horowitz, Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian, and Lerer Ventures. The seed money, a follow-up to the more than $1 million Soylent raised in a 30-day funding campaign accepting pre-orders, will go toward moving Soylent's operations from San Francisco to Los Angeles and into product development—mainly, how to make the "thick, odorless, beige" liquid taste better.

U.S.-based early backers of Soylent begin receiving their supplies in early 2014.