An Inflatable Space That Grows Out Of A Dumpster, To Catalyze Urban Innovation

There are urban interventions. And then there are urban interventions inflating from inside dumpsters. It’s the latter we’re dealing with here. The Inflato Dumpster is a temporary curbside school-cum-hacker-space that is exactly what it purports to be. Inflatable. Built in a dumpster.

The idea comes from a group called Department of Urban Betterment, which is now seeking funding on Kickstarter. DUB believes that public space is becoming increasingly “privatized and commodified,” and that interventions are needed to take the streets back.

From the campaign page:

For five days this fall, the temporary, dome-like structure will confront the tendency of city space to limit public exchange by serving as a large scale urban intervention in which workshops to create and explore the possibilities for smaller, targeted urban interventions will be produced and deployed from within.

If DUB reaches its $3,700 funding goal, it plans to set up on street corners in New York City. The 8-by-22-foot space will host workshops, and feature collaborations with film, dance, and community groups, says Joaquin Reyes, a partner in the project. Participants will learn, for instance, how to make solar-powered air-quality-monitoring sensors, or LEDs “that can respond to sound or motion.”

In an email, Reyes says DUB was drawn to the idea of constructing something “in a territory and manner not historically recognized as being within the bounds of traditional urban or architectural planning.” He adds:

“We are interested in ways to transform existing structures, and are drawn to the idea of turning something typically associated with waste and discarded materials into a space for something exciting and new.”BS