• 10.22.13

TP Your House With Cheetos And Google Maps

It may not be the most mature use of your time, but at least the cleanup is a breeze.

At some point, Halloween goes from “day you get a bunch of free candy” to “night you cause a little bit of trouble with your fellow teenagers” to “night you go to parties dressed as something ridiculous and/or topical.” (Anyone got a costume figured out?) But even if your idea of Halloween mostly involves watching something not-to-scary on television and pretending that you’re not home so you don’t have to give neighborhood children any of your precious, precious candy, you may have some affection left for the Halloween tradition of TP’ing the yard of your high school crush/least favorite gym teacher/whoever.


That practice is, of course, best left to teenagers, but if you want to get some prank on anyway, Cheetos and Google have partnered up to create Project TP. With the site, powered by Google Maps and Street View, you can pick your target–say, your boss’s house–and Chester Cheetah will descend from an animated helicopter and digitally TP the yard for you. Take a screenshot, post it to Facebook, and virtually high-five your animated, anthropomorphic cheetah co-conspirator over your successful low-risk prank–and then clean it up by X’ing out the browser tab.

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