How To Create A Culture Of Giving Back At Any Company

How do you create a company with a culture of giving back? Denise Restauri, founder and CEO of GirlQuake, says it comes “when they align themselves with an effort that is true to their values and that they’re passionate about and has a return on investment for them–it doesn’t have to be a monetary return on investment, but it’s true to what they’re doing.” Restauri and others social entrepreneurs discuss how you can instill a culture of giving in a company and in the world.

The video–filmed at the 2013 Social Innovation Summit at the UN by PWC–features prominent social entrepreneurs from around the world discussing the best ways to change corporate culture for the better. One of the first ways is not making it mandatory, but giving people the opportunity to do things from the heart: “If you ask people in a prescriptive manner, it’s very difficult for them to want to do it,” says Jack Sim, founder of the World Toilet Organization. “Giving is something that comes from inside you. Giving is a source of happiness.”

The real changes, though, start at the top: “The most important thing for any corporate culture is the CEO. Many times I’ve seen CEOs talk about philanthropy, talk about giving back, but it’s not coming from their heart–and people can see through that.” Alan Hassenfeld, Chairman of the executive committee at Hasbro.

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