“Don’t Avoid Eye Contact,” And More Advice For Entrepreneurs From Jack Dorsey

The Twitter cofounder has revealed some hints and tips for entrepreneurs.

“Don’t Avoid Eye Contact,” And More Advice For Entrepreneurs From Jack Dorsey
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Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s cofounder and chairman, recently spoke at the Startup School event from Y Combinator, where he listed some good and bad habits he thinks could help other entrepreneurs.


For the most part, Dorsey’s “do” list is somewhat unremarkable: Stay focused on the present, say hello to everyone, get seven hours of sleep, do moderate exercise daily, and drink just lemon water and red wine. Dorsey’s advice is seemingly based on pop psychology, a dash of common sense, and the kind of good manners that your dad reminded you to keep before you went off to college.

On Dorsey’s “don’t” list? Don’t be late, don’t set expectations you can’t meet, don’t drink hard liquor or beer during the week. He obviously doesn’t buy into the theory that beer makes you more creative.

He also says “don’t eat sugar,” an admonition that seems to tap into the current anti-sugar vibe. Perhaps Dorsey, who’s evidently quite trim, means “don’t eat too much sugar.”

And then there’s “don’t avoid eye contact.” That’s a weird one, phrased back-to-front in a way that sounds like it’s spun out of a therapy session. “Make eye contact” is a better way of saying this, and you could even be forgiven for thinking Dorsey used to have a habit of not looking folks in the eye. Eye gaze is all about confidence and trust.

What would be on your list?

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