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Watchup Is A Newscast For Google Glass

iPad news app Watchup is expanding to Google Glass—and they're betting viewers will want to watch the news on wearable devices.

One of the first journalism apps for Google Glass is here—and it streams a personalized newscast into viewers' eyes. Watchup For Glass was unveiled at this year's Online News Association Conference in Atlanta, and it features content by the Associated Press, Euronews, Reuters, and the PBS NewsHour. It's one of the first attempts to create a hint at how Glass apps could look in the future.

"The vast majority of apps launch on iOS first and then on Android," said Watchup CEO Adriano Farano in a news release. "The reason why, after the iPad, Watchup has now come to Glass instead, is because we believe that wearables will reshape the way we enjoy information. The wearable revolution has just begun and Watchup is at its forefront."

Watchup previously received a Knight News Challenge Award and was a finalist at SXSW's 2013 accelerator competition.