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Mark Zuckerberg Just Helped Give Millions To This Education Startup

The money will be used to help expand Panorama's business.

[Image: Flickr user Kris Krüg]

Panorama Education, a small Massachusetts-based startup, has received a generous $4 million lump sum in a cash round that was led Mark Zuckerberg's charitable Startup: Education enterprise but with other investors along for the ride. The money will be used to help expand Panorama's business.

The small company is a tech-based information service, which gathers data from people like parents, teachers, and students in school districts to help deliver feedback to the district about issues it may otherwise miss.

The New York Times quotes Zuckerberg talking about the cash injection, and notes that he and his wife are "excited to support Panorama Education and its mission" of using tech to share information. Facebook is, if you look at it one way, a similar system for gathering and sharing opinion about a broad range of topics. It's said to be the first national-scale investment made by Startup: Education. Zuckerberg has long promised to give away half of his billion-dollar-scale fortune to charities.

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