Kiip Announces Targeted Rewards For Brands And A ComScore Partnership

The mobile ad network, which counts companies like Disney and Ford as its top customers, now lets brands pinpoint rewards to app users based on timeframe, location, and user demographics.

Kiip Announces Targeted Rewards For Brands And A ComScore Partnership
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It’s been three years since Kiip, the mobile ad network that offers brand rewards for in-app achievements like finishing a level in a game or checking off a to-do list, first hit the scene promising to fix the sucky state of mobile advertising. This morning, it announced the next stage of its plan: the ability for its customers, which range from Pepsi to Disney, to target their rewards to the precise time, and to the precise user, most relevant for the type of product.

Imagine a customer like Vitamin Water, for example, offering rewards in a fitness app between 7-9 a.m. on weekdays in Manhattan, says Brian Wong, Kiip’s founder and CEO. “That reward will now be for people who are working out and literally have sweat dripping off their faces,” Wong says. “This helps us bring you the right reward, in the right moment, to the right person.”

Kiip, one of Fast Company‘s 2013 Most Innovative Companies, also announced a partnership with comScore, in which customers of the analytics giant can now access the demographic data Kiip pulls from the 60 million users who engage with the 1,500 apps on its platform.

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