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Government Officially Apologizes For The Website

Emergency CPR is being performed on the Obamacare health insurance site every night.

Government Officially Apologizes For The Website

[Image: Flickr user NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan]

A devastating critique of the construction and subsequent testing of the website—the gloomy portal through which all U.S. citizens who may be eligible for Obamacare must pass—has garnered an official response. On the Digital Strategy blog belonging to the Health & Human Services Department was posted a mea culpa of sorts.

Describing the experience as "frustrating for many Americans," the blog post detailed some of the issues that had beset the site (while bigging up its achievements at the same time—which makes for a somewhat confusing read). "We are committed to doing better," it said, before listing some of the measures it was taking to rectify the problems. These include: nightly maintenance, greater capacity, software fixes, hiring of new talent, and test processes.

One wonders whether it might be easier to start from scratch with another team and build anew.