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Where Are They Now?

What To Expect From Apple's October 22 Event

Anything really, really new? Like an iWatch, say? Don't bet on it.

What To Expect From Apple's October 22 Event

Tomorrow Apple is showing off some new gear. The event comes less than two months after the last, which saw the iPhone 5S and 5C, both of which performed more than admirably on the sales front upon release. With "a lot to cover"—that's all Cupertino is saying about the day's activities—expect everything from the world of software to some hardware upgrades.

Those of you on iWatch watch should remain calm and remember to keep breathing regularly. Apple does not sign up to Facebook's Done Is Better Than Perfect credo—in fact, it does the opposite. Anyway, there's enough to get through, what with the upcoming new Mac OS, OS X Mavericks. And the firm is increasing its giveaways in the software department. GarageBand is expected to become free for iOS 7 users, although there will be in-app purchases, says MacRumors. Both iWork and iLife are expected to get significant refreshes.

But are we going to see a new iPad? Almost definitely. It will probably be slimmer, a la the iPad Mini, possibly with a fingerprint sensor and an improved camera. Retina Displays on the new Minis should be a given, but there have been recent whispers of issues in Apple's supply chain. As for a new Apple TV device, a brand-new chunk of hardware may be further off than originally expected.

And finally, here's hoping we'll get more details about the Mac Pro, which may or may not be assembled in the U.S., including its specs and, erk, price—here's a Fast Company prediction: molto spensivo.

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