10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: The $99 DNA Test, Happiness-Killing Lunches, And More

1. Inside 23andMe Founder Anne Wojcicki’s $99 DNA Revolution
Fast Company
For just $99, a DNA analysis by genetic testing company 23andMe can tell you how to live smarter, better, and longer. It can also tell you what might kill you.

2. 8 Subconscious Mistakes Our Brains Make Every Day–And How To Avoid Them
Fast Company
To avoid the mistakes that we make every day, we first need to be aware of them.

3. Think You Can Live Offline Without Being Tracked? Here’s What It Takes
Fast Company
What does it take to truly live under the radar in the digital age? One thing’s for sure: It’s not easy, as these four cautionary tales prove.

4. Ingenious Zipper Lets You Zip With One Hand
A new design by Under Armour may signal the end of something that should be so easy (but isn’t): using a zipper.

5. No–You Don’t Need To Learn To Code
The whole world seems to be telling you that you need to learn programming. Well, maybe you don’t.

6. 7-11 Rebrands To Target Health-Conscious Millennials
7-11 wants to put its reputation of cigarettes, sugar, and grease in the past. They’re starting with a fresh look.

7. Hate Happiness? Then Keep Eating Lunch At Your Desk
Fast Company
You will never eat lunch at your desk again.

8. The Greatest Productivity Tool You Never Thought Of: Email Autoresponder
Fast Company
The autoresponder is an unconventional savior for the overwhelmed inbox. Here’s how to use it to your advantage.

9. How A Lost Boy Used Google Earth To Find His Home 25 Years Later
The story of Saroo Brierley, who used Google Earth to find his way home after 25 years.

10. 10 Ways Today’s Purpose-Driven Brands Can Bring Their Core Values To Life
A company’s core values should be the foundation for its culture.