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Government Shutdown Good For TaskRabbit, Which Saw 13,000 Applications In One Day

If you can't work for the government, then you might as well work somewhere else.

[Image: Flickr user Glen Bowman]

The government shutdown might not have been good for the country—or for federal employees and the tech and science sectors—but it sure was good for TaskRabbit. The firm, which allows people to outsource themselves for chores and earn a bit of extra cash on the side, saw 13,000 applications in one day—a record for the firm, which revealed the figure via Twitter.

Johnny Brackett, TaskRabbit's senior manager of marketing and communications, couldn't say what percentage of the firm's newest recruits were government workers, but he did think the numbers were "significant."

"A few dozen government workers have applied and some are already running tasks," he told CNBC. "The backgrounds vary from male to female, from government agencies, to other jobs."

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