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AOL Just Knocked Google Out of First Place In The Video Ad Race

ComScore released the video advertising statistics for the month of September—and AOL is in the number one position, over all Google sites.

AOL Just Knocked Google Out of First Place In The Video Ad Race

[Image: Flickr user TechCrunch]

Last month AOL spent $405 million to purchase video ad outfit—and the expenditure is already proving to be extremely rewarding.

The web traffic-counting service comScore revealed this morning stats on the top U.S. online video ad views for the month of September 2013—and AOL is in the number one slot, beating out Google, owner of YouTube.

Google is still the world's biggest video site, however AOL's ad video feat is a reflection of chief executive Tim Armstrong's emphasis on home video. AOL recently purchased Huffington Post and has secured A-list celebs Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker to debut on AOL's On Network series.

Fast Company's Bob Safian sat down with Armstrong last month. When asked about AOL's debut into the the new market, Armstrong said, "this is the first time at scale that machines will be used, not just in terms of targeting, but used in the industry to make buying advertising more simpler and scalable."