Find Out Just How Wes Anderson-y the Trailer For His Next Film Is (Hint: Very)

Last time Wes Anderson premiered the trailer for a new film, we catalogued the many ways in which That’s So Anderson. Now that the preview for his new film has arrived, Co.Create is delighted to announce the winningly whimsical director is still up to his reliably entertaining tricks.

The Best Exotic Marigold Grand Budapest Hotel stars Ralph Fiennes–in a role that Johnny Depp was reportedly set to star in before dropping out–as Gustave H, an eccentric concierge at a fancy European hotel in the 1920s. After the death (murder?) of an elderly female patron leaves Gustave inheriting a valuable painting, the concierge finds himself under suspicion. With the aid of his trusty “lobby boy,” Fiennes’s character is soon caught up in some evasive antics.

So, yes, there is a plot. More importantly, however, the trailer also reveals that Hotel will definitely hit many of Anderson’s signature notes, including:

  • saturated colors, especially salmon
  • OCD-level meticulous attention to set detail
  • polite slapstick
  • precise composition
  • quick zooms

Fiennes is joined by a typically Andersonian ensemble that includes regulars (Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray), fairly recent additions (Adrien Brody, Edward Norton), and some very intriguing new faces (Harvey Keitel, Saoirse Ronan). The film also includes its central character screaming, “Take your hands off my lobby boy!” which you can expect to soon trickle down to a catchphrase-parrot near you.